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About Us

Turning Point Rehabilitation Center aims to be the country's leading residential drug rehabilitation center that integrates evidence-based models from different scientific disciplines and results of various studies from reputable sources. It seeks to conduct its services in the best possible way with full attention to the different levels and facets of human reality and the different dynamics at work in every patient. It also strives to keep itself abreast with future discoveries, especially those relating to methods and procedures which bring about effective treatment and rehabilitation. 

Aside from adopting an evidence-based approach, Turning Point is also a faith-based rehabilitation center that caters not only to the medical, psychological, and physical needs of its clients but also to their spiritual well-being.  Turning point shares the view of the Catholic Church that the root of addiction is “the loss of ethical and spiritual values” (Address of the Holy Father John Paul II to the Representatives of the International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 4 June 1987). Thus, it embraces the belief that a successful rehabilitation program necessarily follows from the implementation of an integrated approach arrangement. 

Turning Point believes that addressing the problem of substance abuse and behavioral disorder from a clinical, social, and legal matrices alone is not enough especially if the desired goal is not just treatment but the genuine and full recovery of the individual. Certainly, spiritual and religious formation are equally important factors in this respect. Help must be sought not only from the scientific or medical community, but also from the faith community, particularly through the integration of the Catholic Church’s teachings, prayers, and sacraments. The aforementioned interventions are proven helpful based on the manifold testimonies of people who have recovered from addiction. This, however, does not mean that Turning Point only caters to one specific group of clientele based on religion. In fact, as already noted above, the center is a place wherein people from all walks of life may seek refuge to address their substance or behavior dependencies. 

To reiterate, Turning Point ensures that its programs and services are well integrated to meet the physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual needs of the residents.

Life is worth living, we'll help you climb to a meaningful life

Our Mission

To assist persons with substance or behavioral addictions toward holistic healing which necessarily includes a renewed appreciation of human life and its inherent dignity, applying mainly treatment and rehabilitation based on:

• An integrated approach to rehabilitation through THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY (TC) method.

MEDICAL/CLINICAL ASSISTANCE: medication-assisted treatment to individual patient/client with special needs or problems.

SPIRITUAL: providing a silent and calm environment conducive to individual reflection that would lead to a serene interior life.


Our Vision

To become a leading drug treatment and rehabilitation center in the country that produces first-rate rehab specialists, provides greater initiatives in addressing the problem of addiction, and engenders a transformative growth both in the society and its members.

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